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OMB No. 11400010 (10/31/2022)U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and ExplosivesApplication to Transport Interstate or to Temporarily Export Certain National FirearmsAct
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Who needs the ATF Form 5320.20?

Form ATF-5320.20 is the Bureau of Justice, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives form. The document’s full name is the Application to Transport Interstate or to Temporarily Export Certain National Firearms Act (NFA) Firearms. The ATF Form 5320.20 must be filled out by registered owners of NFA firearms who are going to move within states carrying a firearm or export one.

What is the ATF 5320.20 Form for?

The request for the ATF Bureau authorization to transport and export firearms is a mandatory procedure according to the provisions of Section 922 (a)(4), Title 18, U.S.C., and Section 478.28, Title 27.  

The ATF agency requires the information requested in the ATF FORm 5320.20 to verify that the suggested transaction of the indicated items is reasonable and consistent with public safety and federal and local laws.

Moreover, the information provided on ATF 5320.20 Application Form is supposed to be used to collect statistics on the manufacture and exportation of firearms.   

How to complete the ATF 5320.20 Application to Transport Interstate or to Temporarily Export Certain NFA Firearms?

The fillable form ATF-5320.20 is supposed to cover the following items:

  • The data about the registered owner (name, address, phone number);

  • Whether the firearms will be returned to the initial location;

  • Dates of the firearms relocation;

  • Detailed information about the firearms to be transported (manufacturer, type, caliber or gauge, model, length of the barrel, serial number, etc.);

  • Reasons for transportation;

  • Original location and destination;

  • Mode of transportation;

  • License number

  • Ports of exit and return;

  • Date and signature of the registered owner.

The second part of the form is for the ATF Bureau officials use.

Where do I send the completed AFT 5320.20 form?

The Application 5320.20 ATF must be filed in duplicate and directed to the Director of Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives at the following address: 244 Needy Road, Martinsburg, WV 25405 .

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing form 5320 20
Instructions and Help about form transport pdf
Everybody is the former Colt guy, and tonight I'm coming to you with one of my probably pretty boring for you guys ATF form videos on what you need to do when you move, and you own registered National Firearms Act products such as this silencer now the silencer is registered to me as an individual and I recently as I guess you guys can probably tell from my background because you've never seen before I have moved, so now I'm in a different place, so now it is my legal obligation to notify the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms that I have moved because it's within the same state I didn't need to get prior approval because these NFL items have not traveled across state lines, but I did fill out the forms tonight now unfortunately there are no reforms for this however you can download them you can fill them out print them but have to find them and then res can them and the form you guys are going to want to get is the form 5320 dot 20, and I guess it's beep officially a form 20 that is an application to transport a firearm across interstate lines or write permanent address change, so you can go on to the ACS website or just google that form that I was talking about 5320 dots 20, and you will pull up here it is a fillable PDF because you got to download it to your computer and unfortunately as I said before you can't use their reformed system it would be really simple if you could but of course we're talking about the government here and there about 20 years behind on technology, so I downloaded the form and unfortunately as well you only have options for three firearms on each for now you have a number of different ways of filling these out, so you can either print them off sign them and submit in duplicate to the NFL branch and the addresses up here on the form twice, or luckily you can submit them as a scanned PDF and email us to NSA SI x dot I'm sorry not dot ass ATF gov, so that's in fa x ax ATS gov, and you only got to submit one of each form now those F is a form only allows for three items on each so if you have multiple things like sound searcher field rifles machine guns sure belt shotgun whatever you have to fill out as many forms as it takes to get them all complete which is what I did and also important to notice that if you have some items like I do some are registered to me as an individual and some are registered on my trust you have to do those differently so let's just say you're you only have two things maybe Shells shotgun and maybe a silencer and one's an individual and one is on a truck you have to do two separate forms one specifically for the trust and one specifically for the individual, so I filled these out you guys you do have to sign and date them and at the bottom and then you just res can them I scan in the high quality PDF and I mail them individually to that email address I mentioned before I send all of my individuals as one email my trust as one email and I also have a pending form one in queue so all you have...
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